About us


Relaxsit Story

In 1988, Relaxsit was founded to provide the most comforting beanbags. Over the years, It has now become one of the leading designer beanbag and home furnishing brand in the world. It is internationally recognized for innovation in the world of comfort seating, featuring classy and beautifully twisted designs.

Relaxsit pays special attention to detailing and innovating to improve your bean bags experience. Bean Bag chairs are perfect to enjoy your favourite book, to enjoy your favourite game, to watch your favourite movie, or just to forget about your worries for the day. After All we are all about Relaxing.


Weather you are looking to highlight your living space or adding life to your pool parties, we are all about innovation. With modern aesthetics and a plethora of colours to choose from, we are here to cater all your interior and exterior design needs and above all we care for you and strive to increase your comfort.


After a day of hard work, Just sit back and relax because we’ve got your back!